Now Buying, Selling and Consigning Guns at Auction

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I’ve worked auctions where a house is packed with guns.

Quite literally, guns were everywhere.

In Ohio an auctioneer can sell guns at someone’s house without a license. They cannot sell them at another location without a license.

Cash is flying. Guns are laying all over the kitchen. There is no safety protocol. There are no trigger locks.

The entire situation, quite frankly, is dangerous.

After that, I made up my mind that I was going to auction guns the right way. I was going to try to get my FFL – Federal Firearms License.

Getting this license involves an extensive background check, an interview with an agent from ATF and a very structured way of managing the guns.

Well… today I’m proud to say: I got my license!

I can now buy and sell and auction guns the right way.

As a Federal Firearm Licensee, these are some things I can do to help you get the most out of your guns:

  • I’m able to sell guns online.
  • Facebook allows licensees to promote gun sales. Non licensed people are prohibited.
  • I can facilitate selling guns over state lines.
  • I can run background checks to make sure that your guns are being sold to honest, reputable people.

If you have a gun, or several guns, that you’d like to talk about auctioning¬†give me a call: 330-416-7519.

We can appraise your guns for you. We can set minimum reserve price for you so that you are guaranteed to sell your guns for no less than you want to get out of them. And we can advertise your guns to audiences that are interested in purchasing them.

We are located in Akron Ohio. We can also facilitate sales from other FFL’s in other states.

No guns are stored at our auction house. We store them in an off-site location for maximum security.